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Nov 22, 2012 5:30pm PST
." >> reporter: from the blue skies at macy's annual in new york city to families fun in the sun in philadelphia, to detroit, once that fog burned off. and for the storm weary in the northwest, a little thanksgiving gratitude for some snowy leftovers. >> so excited. my kids and i are having so much fun. >> a sign of the season. ginger zee with us on the streets of new york city. and ginger, that system carrying all that dangerous fog on the move tonight? >> reporter: that's right. it will redevelop. we were out here yesterday, warned you about it for that texas area and there it came. so, for tomorrow, please listen. if you are planning on traveling in that area, in the gray, from toledo all the way to almost d.c., south to atlanta and birmingham, parts of louisiana and mississippi, all included in what could be a dangerous morning. >> and you were telling me for the millions heading out tomorrow, probably going shopping, there's something else they'll notice. a dramatic change in temperatures? >> reporter: yes. just to the west of that. chicago today made it into the low 60s. by tomorrow, 30s a
Nov 23, 2012 5:30pm PST
shopping safety tips in local malls. >> so far, so good for the city of l.a. we've had a stronger presence, so, people can be out there and enjoy the day. >> reporter: and many shoppers today got just what they came for. >> we got boots, we got shoes, we got appliances. luggage. >> reporter: still, despite the throngs, this year, more people chose to shop from home. e-commerce sales are up 17%. a quarter of those purchases made on smartstones and tablets. the national retail federation is predicting a booming holiday. 5$586 billion in sales. up 4% from last year. and most of the black friday discounts will last through the weekend. but many retailers are already looking ahead to cyber monday, which brings a whole new set of online discounts. now, you can prepare and plan ahead for that, as well. many of the top retailers like best buy and amazon are offers previews on their websites right now. david? >> cue the siren tonight behind john schriffen in columbus circle. john, you've been a great sport for us. this has long been called black friday, of course, but the blk eyes, the bruises, the
Nov 21, 2012 5:30pm PST
city this evening. alex, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, david. just a few hours ago, the israeli navy was pummeling this shoreline with artillery. both sides literally firing until the last minute. and tonight, there's a jubilation on the streets of gaza that hasn't been seen in years. the green flags of hamas waved across the gaza strip tonight. palestinians poured into the streets. there is definitely a sense of relief on the street, but make no mistake, this is a victory celebration. after a week of fighting with israel, these palestinians feel like they've won. won, because for the first time, militant groups were able to fire rockets into israel's biggest cities. jerusalem and tel aviv. you feel this is a turning point. now, you can hit tel aviv? >> yeah, it's huge! it's huge for us! >> reporter: in the final hours, both sides kept pounding away at each other. an israeli air strike leveled this building. naval artillery from the sea landed right near our hotel. the human cost has been huge. here in gaza, more than 160 dead and 1,200 wounded. conflict like this i
Nov 20, 2012 5:30pm PST
blasting through homes in israel's southern city of beer sheva and 60 miles north in a tel aviv suburb. those in rocket range refusing to return to the status quo. >> for it to stop firing in 48 hours and then for next week the same thing happening,. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: israeli officials are telling me secretary clinton will hear a lot of that sentiment, israel's unwillingness to settle for anything more than a long-term cease-fire. hamas is demanding they loosen its grip on its borders and for it to stop assassinating its leaders. george, both sides are dug in. >> so there's still much to work through. all right, thanks, matt. let's go to alex marquardt in gaza. alex, there was some hope a cease-fire might be taking hold but that bombing has not stopped all day where you are. >> reporter: no, it really hasn't, george. it's been very strange to hear about peace talks and cease-fires when really the explosions have not stopped. for much of the night there has been incoming artillery and air strikes from the sky have not stopped, and a short while ago we saw militants firi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4